rooks and minerals

Above is a song that makes BTN push presses not suck. Therefore, it is a good song.

Things I did today:

- unfucked my snatch a bit more. My pulling strength is absurdly disproportionate to how much I actually snatch, so it’s nice to see that number go up from abysmal to slightly more acceptable. Things unfucked: changing my grip (like everything I do, it’s TOO DAMN WIDE. Bringing it in helped), changing my foot position ( narrow, heels close to wide and splayed out like an asshole), trying to fix my donkey-kicking problem. I just want to clean and jerk and squat forever; is that really so wrong?

- squatted 95kgx5 and was told I’ve easily got a 115-120kg single in me; followed that up by 95kgx4, 95kgx3, and 80kgx8. Good feels. This is the last time I’ll have a belt for a while, so I’m really not sure what to do with myself now. ALAS.

- shared my platform with snide assholes who couldn’t count plates

- BTN push presses should only be done with a bar with no center knurling (ie the women’s bar) unless you really enjoy scraping all the skin off the back of your neck in one fell swoop

- cutting blows but what else do you do when you’re too poor to buy food GOODBYE GAINS

T-Nation: Pairing Strength With Mobility